• We are national possession lawyers who specialise in obtaining possession for landlords and recovering rent arrears in the UK and Wales from bad tenants online.
  • Unlike some other websites claiming to specialise in tenant evictions we are qualified solicitors with detailed knowledge of landlord and tenant law.


Rent owing or you simply want your tenant out? Possession notices will be served upon the tenant in 48 hours. This may be enough to encourage the tenant to pay off the arrears or to agree a date to vacate. If this is not the case, you must take action.

£180 inclusive of VAT. ACT NOW! 


T&E Landlord will issue proceedings, advise you of the Court hearing date and arrange for an advocate to attend. The advocate attends Court and obtains a possession order. If the tenant still refuses to vacate you must take further action.

£900 inclusive of VAT. ACT NOW!

If, after we have successfully served both the correct notices and obtained a possession order against your tenants, the tenants still refuse to leave the property voluntarily, then the only legal way to formally evict the tenants is to use a Court Bailiff.

£290 inclusive of VAT. ACT NOW! 

You have removed your tenant but rent is still owed? We will pursue your tenant or tenant guarantor for rent arrears on a fixed fee basis. Consider at the outset what you know about the tenant. Are they worth chasing? For example, if the tenant is claiming benefits or is a student it may not be proportionate to spend money pursuing the debt.

  • Trace the debtor £120 inclusive of VAT. ACT NOW!
  • Issue of legal proceedings in the small claims court including payment of court fee. From £260 inclusive of VAT. ACT NOW!
  • Attending the hearing If after the issue of proceedings, the tenants file a defence, you will be required to pay an additional court fee.... From £480 inclusive of VAT. ACT NOW!

By using T&E Landlord you will be instructing a solicitor to deal with the eviction yet will not pay expensive solicitors fees - our fees are fixed.